Where can I get it?

The short answer is: very locally.

Making our cream available has long been a goal. Recent improvements in our processing plant have finally made it possible. However, we have a relatively limited amount of excess cream (most of our yogurt is made from whole milk). We do not anticipate distributing cream as widely as we do Seven Stars Farm Yogurt.


Weckerly's Ice Cream uses our cream to make thier ice cream taste so rich!

Weckerly's ice cream uses our amazing heavy whipping cream to make their ice cream taste so rich.  Check out their website here: http://weckerlys.squarespace.com/

Making butter

There really isn't anything quite like homemade butter (especially during the pasture season when the cream has a rich golden color and a wonderful flavor).  Butter is easy to make with a food processor or just a quart jar.   It's a magical process where a long-lasting solid food emerges from a perishable liquid without the addition of cultures, enzymes or heat.  Just a whole lot are shaken' going on!   

Local chefs and bakers are enjoying the cream.

Our cream is vat pasteurized, not ultra pasteurized.  Just about every type of cream sold these days, conventional or organic, is ultra pasteurized.  It really makes a difference in cooking and baking.

We have gotten good feedback from the chef at the Kimberton Inn.  It's being used for ice cream, fancy drinks, crème brulee, and soups at the Kimberton Inn. 

Our neighbors at the Sweetwater Bakery like to culture Seven Stars Cream with a little inoculation of our yogurt and then use the cultured cream to make butter. The cultured butter is used in their baked products, while the remaining buttermilk is used to soak the nuts, seeds and oats used in their granolas. Their  products are available at Kimberton Whole Foods market and at other locations listed on their website.

Watch chef Dan Richer nerd out over butter made from our cream!

Andy at Weckerly's Ice Cream loves our cream.  The flavor is "just better" than other creams on the market.  And it makes his ice cream rich and delicious!

Other restaurants in the area that use our cream in their dishes:

Station Bistro
Camphill Café
Kimberton Whole Foods Cafe

Favorite Chocolate Mousse Recipe


4 ½ ounces dark or bittersweet chocolate
2 tablespoons unsalted butter (can be made from 7 Stars Heavy Whipping Cream)
1 cup 7 Stars cold heavy whipping cream
3 large eggs, separated
1 tablespoon sugar

(Optional) Raspberries, extra whipped cream, and shaved chocolate

How to –